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    The challenge

    In todays world, a lot of time and effort is being spent in trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. This strenuous activity of meal planning and grocery shopping at times deviates people towards the pleasures of fast food, which in turn plays a leading role in deteriorating health. Often times leading to an increase in the possibility of cardiovascular and blood sugar problems. Even if a person wants to begin meal prepping. The lack of convenient dietary consultations, makes the meal prep planning difficult and can often lead to a person avoiding the meal prep or making use of a generic one.

    The solution

    DEITer is an app that provides a tailored diet plan for an individual. Rather than the individual going to supermarkets for buying ingredients for a week, DEITer delivers it to their door. The app will also provide recipes for meals to be prepared for the next week or next day (chosen by the individual). Apart from meal prep, DEITer also provides meal suggestions to suffice an individuals dietary needs at that moment.

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