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    The challenge

    The problem that we wish to address is the inefficiency of the traditional medical records keeping approaches using physical documents. (Thats still happening in a lot of countries even now!) Keeping track and searching of one’s medical history with physical, paper-printed documents is both hard and time-consuming, but the most important thing is that sometimes(especially in case of emergencies) the doctors need to make a decision that needs access to the patient’s whole medical history - e.g. which drugs they have taken, what operations they had in past, what illnesses have they gone through. Trusting the patient’s memory or a number of documents that in many cases do not cover the whole history of the patient might lead to decisions with catastrophic results.

    The solution

    MedDocx is a service that enables easy storage of your medical history on a blockchain network and in a safe and secure way gives access to your medical history (including drugs you take, GP prescriptions, hospital records, and lab reports) to the doctors in a timely manner. This service results in a dramatic decrease in response time in case of medical emergencies and treatments while reducing the usage of paper receipts and physical documents that are hard to keep and maintain. But most importantly, it gives its users mental peace since they no longer have to keep track of their medical records on paper, neither they have to worry about the privacy of their documents.

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