• organisation

    Committee of recommendation

    Jan Mengelers
    President Eindhoven University of Technology
    "With the TU/e Contest we show our creativity of which we are very proud and thereby we stimulate entrepreneurship among our students."

    Maarten Steinbuch
    Professor Control Systems Technology
    "The TU/e Contest is what we need: a starting point for students with ambition!"

    Marjan van Loon
    President-Director Shell Netherlands
    "An environment that fosters a mindset of being curious, being explorative, being eager to discover, gather knowledge, find solutions is crucial for students. To me, that is why the TU/e Innovation Space and the TU/e Contest are of such added value. The way the TU Eindhoven stimulates students to develop their innovative ideas and promising business plans also encourages the indispensable “dream, dare, do” mindset for personal development, technical progress and new solutions for relevant societal problems. "

    Steef Blok
    Director Innovation Lab
    "In my opinion it's never too soon for students to start their entrepreneurial career and contribute to the solution of various social challenges "

    Steering Committee

    Lex Lemmens
    Dean Bachelor College

    Bert-Jan Woertman
    Commercial Director TU/e

    Isabelle Reymen
    Scientific Director TU/e innovation Space

    Hans Heijnen
    Management Soapbox B.V.

    Working group

    Lino Thewissen
    Project Manager Soapbox B.V.

    Ingrid van de Ven
    Communication Advisor TU/e

    Nina Hermens
    Projectcoordinator Soapbox B.V.

    Ruud van Lottum
    Projectcoordinator Soapbox B.V.