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    Welcome to the TU/e Contest. For the 4th consecutive year, Eindhoven University of Technology creates – in collaboration with TU/e innovation Space and Soapbox - the amazing chance for students to learn and improve by working on their own innovative idea, prototype, business plan, or research project with many business partners.

    Don’t have your own idea yet? Simply subscribe for challenging business cases or upload and share your CV to expand your network. You create your future with the TU/e Contest.
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    January – March 2018

    In the first weeks of January the website will go live! On the left you can see the sneak preview of the brand new online portal. Here are some of the things you’ll be able to do on the platform:

    * Fill in the details of you and your team
    * Select business partners who you’d prefer to get in touch with
    * Create the profile of your project
    * Start direct chats with coaches from our business partners
    * Have access to the entire agenda and register directly for upcoming events
    * And more

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    March – April 2018

    After the business partners have gotten to know you and your project via the platform, the best 40 projects will be selected and announced. The top 40 gets to have another go at impressing the TU Eindhoven and business partners, but this time via various face to face encouters such as speed dates and workshops. You get the chance to brainstorm, receive feedback, and learn from specialists in an informal setting.

    But that’s not all. A number of workshops will be dedicated to create your business plan via the Golden Egg Check tool. This tool will help you to map out the strenghts and weaknesses of your product or service. Partners can advice you on how to improve and are able to see the value more clearly. After you’ve convinced the partners, you’ll secure yourself a spot in the top 20 best projects.

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    May 22, 2018

    In the weeks after the last workshop and speed dates you have the opportunity to improve your project by processing the feedback you’ve received and draw up a finale business plan. During the final rehearsal you get the chance to rehearse your pitch and receive tips and tricks from our organization and the host of the event.

    The final event is your last chance to impress the business partners during the TU/e Contest. The TU/e Contest has several prizes worth more than €20.000,-! Besides the prizes of the TU/e Contest, a few business partners will hand out some very special awards as well that will help you to kick start your career as an entrepreneur.

    You create your future at the TU/e Contest.



    1. Get to know us

    What is the mission of the TU/e Contest?

    Our mission is to introduce and prosper your innovative idea, prototype or business plan within our network of experienced and successful business partners.

    Who organises the TU/e Contest?

    The TU/e Contest is organised by the TU Eindhoven (in cooperation with TU/e innovation Space and Soapbox) and is made possible with support of the TU Eindhoven and all partners connected to the TU/e contest.

    What roles do the partners of the TU/e Contest fulfill?

    Our partners create and shape the network for the TU/e Contest. Most of them are located in the Brainport area and want to get to know you! The companies want to help you with the development and the growth of your idea, prototype or business plan. Are you looking for that little extra push for your innovation? Or are you ready to launch your spin-off or start-up? Do you want to have the unique possibility to introduce yourself to major industry players in order to broaden your chances on a job or graduation internship? Get to know our partners via the partner page on this website, introduce yourself to their coaches during the 1-1 chatsessions and talk to them during our training –and workshopdays. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the career possibilities and stay up-to-date of all developments in the tech industry.

    How can I get in touch with you?

    You can always send us an e-mail at info@tuecontest.nl. We try to answer your e-mails from Monday - Friday within 48 hours.

    2. Participate

    Who can participate in the TU/e Contest?

    Every student of the TU Eindhoven. Do you want to enter the competition of winning great prizes and realizing your idea or prototype? Just register now.

    If I want to participate, how does it work?

    Do you have an idea, prototype or business plan? Register for the TU/e Contest and participate in the competition to win great prizes and create your future. Don't have an idea yet? Simply register and upload and share your cv. You'll also have access to business cases of our partners. These last two options are also available for contestants of the competition. You can register from the 15th of January until the 12th of March

    Where can I sign up to join the contest?

    You can sign up for the competition on this website. On the registrationpage.

    How does the registration process work?

    The registration process consists out of three steps:
    1. Sign up (15/01 - 12/03)
    2. Create your personal profile within your dashboard.
    3. Fill in all the blanks of your project profile to publish your profile. This way partners and other viewers will be able to see your profile on our website. Keep in mind that your innovation will be judged by the TU/e Company Coaches based on the answers you provide on this form.

    What do the clusters mean?

    The clusters make sure you are matched to the right companies and organisations throughout the entire TU/e Contest. These clusters represent the current technical top-sectors. During the registration process you can select a total of three clusters, which you think, match most closely to your project. For example, it can be the case that your project consists of a beautiful piece of high-tech combined with durable materials with as main goal to improve a persons health. Each cluster is represented by a coach and one or more top industry companies in the region that can provide you with suitable advise and tips.

    What are the clusters?

    Within the different clusters mentioned below you can expect coaching and advice of different experts:
    • 1. High Tech Systems & Materials
    • 2. Energy & Sustainability
    • 3. Transport & Automotive
    • 4. Chemicals & Materials
    • 5. Life Sciences & Health
    • 6. Digital & Internet
    • 7. Building & Physics
    • 8. Finance & Technology

    I am a PHD student, can I participate?

    Definitely! Broaden your network and find the support you are looking for in order to complete your research by participating in the TU/e Contest.

    Can I collaborate with somebody from a different faculty or study direction?

    No problem at all! The TU/e Contest is not limited for certain faculties and we encourage projects that combine different studies and disciplines into one great innovation.

    Can I compete with students from different educational institutions?

    During the registration process only students registered at the TU Eindhoven are accepted. Solely TU/e students are allowed to participate in the chat sessions, training-and-workshop-days and the pitches during the finale event. Apart from that you are free to choose whomever you want to help you kick-start your innovation.

    Can I join the contest with a studentproject? For example Solar team Eindhoven.

    Yes, this is possible. You can participate with a group of maximum 5 persons. However, it is for student teams only possible/allowed to participate with a part of their product instead of the end product.

    Won’t anybody steal my idea?

    No. The coaches are there to provide you with coaching, to help you to improve your concept and establish collaborations. Next to that we will not publicly expose anything without explicitly asking your permission before hand. TIP: Don’t give details on your online public profile. Via the online chats and during the speed dates you can provide more details on your project to the coaches, if you like.

    What is the network Round?

    This is an important part of the TU/e Contest. This will help you get to the top 40 most interesting projects. How? 1) chat actively with our partners. (Feb - March) 2) make sure people vote for your project! (13 March - 19 March). You can share your profile on Facebook, Twitter etc. and ask people to vote for your project. These votes will once again be important during the final event.

    You can register until the 12th of March

    You can sign up and register your innovation until the 12th of March.

    3. Prizes

    Who can win a prize?

    Everybody who studies at the TU Eindhoven and joins the competition.

    On which day will the final take place?

    On the 22nd of May. Exact time will be announced later.

    What can I win?

    We offer our winners a sum of money to kick-start their career. Last year the prizes amounted to € 20.000 and various workspaces at the TU/e innovation Space. You can win the prize in the category Ideation, Prototyping and Student teams. Apart from this we also have the ASML Makers Award and the Audience Prize. Our social partners also have the chance to present prizes, but these will not be announced until the very last moment.

    Are there prizes for the other participants?

    Next to pitch-experience, training and workshop-days and lots of network possibilities we provide everybody with lots fun and inspiration.