• MAP (Modular AGV Platform)
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    We are looking for: Robotics Experience (Building, Programming) Programming Experience (C++, Python) Robot Operating System, Linux Experience in motion control Experience in optimization Experience in power electronics/battery management

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    MAP (Modular AGV Platform)

    The challenge

    Today's manufacturing companies need Automated Ground Vehicles to bring their factories/warehouses into the future. AGVs are needed for varied tasks in a manufacturing facility like material pick/place, warehouse automation, material transfer, so that factories can operate 24x7. Most existing AGV applications are limited to transferring material in a warehouse. For machine tending and material handling, custom AGVs need to be built. For companies to incorporate AGVs in their workspace, they need them to be safe, non-intrusive and easily configurable. In addition, these factories would prefer minimal changes to their workflow and minimal addition to infrastructure like sensors.

    The solution

    MAP is a Mobile AGV Platform. It is basically a base, some motors, sensors and intelligent software to make the robot move autonomously. Our AGV is like Lego. Our customers are able to buy fully built AGV platforms that they can then add on to according to their machine requirements. Additional sensors/electronics/interfaces can be programmed using our API, which is easy to configure. The software runs out of the box and is able to manage a fleet of robots. Since all the sensors on the AGVs are built-in, there are no changes to the infrastructure and the setup effort is minimal.

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