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    We are looking for: We are looking for students that are able to develop a large hybride lasercutter / 3D printer with us. Next to that we are exploring our position in the current market, it would be great if there is an Innovation management student out there that could help us with researching the potential of LABELEDBY.

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    The challenge

    The changing dynamics of the fashion industry have forced retailers to desire low cost and flexibility in design, quality, and speed to market to maintain a profitable position in the increasingly demanding fast fashion market. The pressure on the production processes is high and the balance between People, Planet and Profit is not easy to find. While the labor costs involved with a garment are only a small part of the total cost of sourcing the product, many brands seek to cut costs at this level, shifting their production to low-wage countries in Asia.

    The solution

    Our overall goal is to propose an Industry 5.0 inspired framework as an evolution of the current situation, introducing an automated manufacturing method used by all the actors involved in the production process. A part of this framework will be validated through the development of a hybrid laser cutter and 3D printer specialised in printing on textiles. The aim of this machine is to create a whole garment in a single automated process with consumers data as input, in line with the philosophy of lean manufacturing. This process can happen locally, all over the world to eliminate the transportation of the garments to the customer as much as possible. We approach ‘fast fashion’ from a different angle. With Labeledby we are able to quickly produce garments that are both cost-efficient and responds to the fast-shifting demands of the consumer. By implementing innovative technology and manufacturing techniques, we can produce these garments locally and on demand. In an ethically responsible way towards man and earth with added value for the end consumer due to the personalization. This process will be partly automatized, to take over strenuous or even dangerous tasks. It is not our intention to replace human workforce, but to empower human employees with these new techniques.

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