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    The challenge

    Why is it that we take almost everything we use for a test run except for our indoor environment, where we spend 90% of our time? Although it is widely known that the quality of our indoor environment is important for public health and that a high quality should be assured, we still do not test it. Lacking post-occupancy evaluation of buildings has led to a sheer 59% of people being satisfied with their indoor environment, instead of the recommended 90%. Satisfaction with your environment is an indication of the quality of the environment and can increase aspects such as vitality and productivity. So how do we enable people to take their indoor environment for a test run and increase feedback about the performance of buildings?

    The solution

    Mivo is the system that will allow us to take our buildings for a test run. A system that collects subjective feedback about the indoor environment and translates inputs into user needs. A high quality indoor environment is a key factor in increasing vitality and productivity. Mivo allows building occupants to give feedback on the most important aspects of the indoor environment; air quality, temperature, light, and the noise level. Every desk has its own Mivo allowing for localized feedback and a map overview of suggestions to improve the environment based on the inputs. Diagnostic feedback can be integrated into the facility management of offices to enable easier building performance assessments. The feedback collected by Mivo could also be used complementary to a real time sensor system, which gives more meaning to the contextual feedback given by occupants. Outcomes of these evaluations therefore do not only have an impact on the current building state, but can also have important implications for how buildings are designed, built, and operated in the future. Mivo, for a smart and efficient building management to create a healthy workspace.


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