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    LES (Light Emitting Shirt)

    The challenge

    Running or cycling in the evening is dangerous. Many accidents in traffic occur because cyclists or runners are not visible for others. There are also a lot of other sports (for example rowing) that are hard to do in the evening or very early in the morning. Rowing for example is hard because if it is dark, the coaches on the side are not able to see what is happening on the water. Cyclists and runners often wear lights, reflecting vests or ankle/arm bracelets with lights. This is very uncomfortable and unfashionable, which is also a reason a lot of athletes do not want to wear these attributes.

    The solution

    LES (Light Emitting Shirts) Is More offers a solution for athletes practising in the dark. The idea is to develop sports clothes with special fibers that generate energy when a person starts moving. Using the energy and movements of the athlete, the fibers will generate energy and convert it into light. The fibers will form a certain pattern covering the entire shirt and making the athlete visible from every corner. Using this product, athletes will never have to wear uncomfortable and unfashionable attributes anymore and will still be safe for other traffic users. For the rowing example, LES makes sure that the exact motions of the rowers will be visible for coaches, since the entire upper body will be provided with light.

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