• TIPO - Braille Smartphone Keyboard
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    TIPO - Braille Smartphone Keyboard

    The challenge

    Of 40 million blind people in the world, only 10% can read and write braille. One of the primary reason for this is because braille hasn't yet found its footing in the information era. Evolved interfaces like smartphones require sightless to memorize conventional keyboard in order to use it. This creates a disconnected world around them. TIPO is a braille keypad which enables visually impaired to learn and write in braille on their smartphones. TIPO is aiming to help create a world where blind users connect and share with the people.

    The solution

    The two primary goals of this project are: 1) Create a tactile interface in a small form factor that can be used in conjunction with a smartphone. 2)A Smartphone-based Braille trainer. The intention is to create a better interface for a smartphone for the visually challenged.


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