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    Maps Untold

    The challenge

    Nowadays, taking a vacation is a project on itself. After using comparative websites for finding the best option for flight and accommodation for you, the next phase begins... When you are really looking forward to the vacation, then big question arises: what am I going to do during my vacation? This process involves comparing reviews, which is after all a stressful and undesirable activity. Also, the risk of making bad choices is always there. It would be a sin to wait in que for a museum which after all does not agree with your personal preferences. Sarah Catlett, Senior Vice President with global consultants Kantar Futures, states in the ITB World Travel Trends Report 2016/2017 that the 1.8 billion Millennials worldwide display the same characteristics that influence their travel behavior. “MILLENNIALS WANT AUTHENTIC TRAVEL EXPERIENCES” For example, this “first global generation” seeks authenticity. They want to experience new cultures, blend experiences across different types of trips and engage with local people. Moreover, she claimed that technology-savvy Millennials are happy for their personal data to be used in order to create individualized travel experiences. We as Untold Maps seek to revolutionize the way Millennials plan their upcoming travel experiences and provide them with the trip of their dreams with only a few clicks away.

    The solution

    Maps Untold provides a platform where you can find personal based local advice. On this platform you can choose based on your personal preferences advice from all the locals living in your travel destination. The local will give you their top locations based on their life. You will experience an trip without stress and you can visit locations which you otherwise would not find. The platform gives you the chance to be yourself in every city, but also jump in to someone else their shoes in their city. Put a metal head in a fancy restaurant and he will have a terrible time, but if you let him discover the true metal scene in a foreign city, he will have a wonderful time. The ‘Local’ makes a map on our platform, where he/she gives his/her best locations or activities in town. Not only that, but also the local links his or her map to the best fitting profile based on personality. He/She can express and share their insights of their city with the world. The ‘Traveler’, sick of stress, reading, searching and doing things that do not really fit them can find their perfect trip on Maps Untold. Just by a few clicks, they can find personal based local advice that suits and exceed their expectations. Not only is it a perfect fit for their personality, but it is also unique and genuine with a human touch. After selecting their perfect map, they will get the 10 or 5 locations, depending on the length of the trip, on an online and physical map (optional). Making memories without any stress about decisions where to go or thousands of tourists surrounding them. Maps Untold makes trips personal again and gives you experiences and memories you will never forget without any cost or stress. For more info, please visit www.mapsuntold.com !


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