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    We are looking for: Passion for flying things, Preferably with a good grasp of the technical side of things, Willing to learn things on the job

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    Draco - Cargo drones

    The challenge

    The current logistics model is flawed. Companies use multiple vehicles to transport goods around medium/short distances (~300Km) - they are bound by roadways, traffic, human drivers and Gasoline. They usually do one trip a day to deliver goods - resulting in slower delivery times. Things like traffic jams can completely throw the logistics cycle into chaos, and considering they predominantly use gasoline engines - they are polluting. Many of these journeys are also undertaken from cargo hubs to multiple rural centers, with a very low density of population. this results in many trucks traveling vast distances just for a small population.

    The solution

    An all electric, VTOL (Vertical Take off and Landing), tilt rotor cargo drone - for almost last mile deliveries (eg: airport cargo hub to centers around the city, Cargo hub to rural centers within a 300Km radius) The drone would have a range of ~300Km, and would be fully electric - meaning that the cost of fuel is virtually nothing. It also means that the drone has no direct carbon footprint. The drone flies line of sight, rather than follow roads, and also flies at least 3 times faster than the speed of a truck. There are no humans piloting it. These drones can undertake multiple trips in the time it would take a truck to complete one trip, for a fraction of the cost and carbon footprint.

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