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    The challenge

    In the secondary school scene there are many students, especially the ones in their first year, who are experiencing education alone. They have difficulties making contact and they may even tend to avoid it. Living through secondary school without having contact with other students will be experienced as difficult and can lead to a group of students hating to go to school every day. Together with personal problems (e.g. insecurities, problems at home, pressure to perform). Living with such problems isn’t what a teenager deserves. For the simple reason that every teen should have a chance at living with fun and interesting moments every day again.

    The solution

    My idea will bring students together during school time. It is meant to make new contacts, nevertheless it can be used to maintain a fun environment and good moments of friends being together. The product that I thought of will be placed on a lunch table in the auditorium at secondary schools. Students can sit at those tables and give a sign, that he or she wants to have a conversation with another person, by simply turning on the device which will make it light up. This way the social students or the students that normally don’t dare to approach someone can join the conversation by sitting at the same table. In the next phase the students who are sitting at the same table trigger the device to do what it was made to be doing: make a conversation. The students choose a theme that they want to talk about and the device makes up questions for the students to talk about and elaborate on. My idea makes it easier to begin to communicate with other students. Which leads to more contact with their peers and gives them a greater chance to make friends.

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