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    The Second Brain

    The challenge

    During a meeting, people tend to turn on their laptops to work with each other, leading to the result of people are being separated by laptops, the interaction with team members are less, hence, the efficiency is less. Other than that, after the meeting, physical materials like notes, sketches, memos are difficult to store in digital format. The result or material of several meetings will be lost afterwards and difficult to retrieve.

    The solution

    The second brain is a teamwork system (platform software & product) that can help teammates interact with each other more during the meeting, it also can transform physical material of the meeting to digital materials for saving. Everyone will have the a Coli control, before the meeting, user can store information(e.g. design,proposals ) for the meeting in the Coli control. Everyone will put their coli control on a surface (e.g.wall, table) to create an area as a smart surface. The user click the coli control, the information will show on the surface as vectorize images so that users can drag and drop to make changes and giving feedback in a more interactive way . User can also scan physical notes on the surface. After the meeting, all the information being shown on the surface can be digitally saved on the platform. User can also choose to share the information with other people.

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