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    We are looking for: Data science, software science, building technology hardware, but it is most important that you are enthusiastic and hard-working.

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    Team CASA

    The challenge

    The existing building market is slow to adopt innovations, while the impact of the building market is responsible around 40% of both CO2 emissions and waste in Europe (BPIE, 2011). The time-consuming conventional methods rely on bricks and concrete with a large embodied energy, both due to transport and the inherently energy-intensive production methods. Meanwhile, this makes inherently inflexible buildings that can only be demolished at the end of their lifetime.

    The solution

    Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition by bringing together the right partners from the academic and business world to integrate and innovate in the construction environment. We will set a new, higher standard for all homes regarding sustainability, health and cost that can be achieved with technologies available today. Team CASA consists out of 18 highly motivated bachelor's and master's students. Together with our partners we will build the first CASA (Comfortable, Affordable, Sustainable Alternative) house in Smart District Brandevort. This first house uses BIPVT (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic Thermal) panels to generate heat and electricity. The heat is stored in a Seasonal Thermal Storage Tank underneath the building. This tank ensures there is hot water not only during the summer but throughout the year. An internal DC-Grid decreases energy inefficiencies. We use a constructive service core to store all the systems of the house, which makes them accessible for renovation and reparation. Residents have complete freedom concerning the appearance and floorplan of the house. This freedom is guaranteed through the modular facade and walls, that are prefabricated for easy assembly and waste-free renovation and deconstruction. www.teamcasa.nl


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