• TU/ecomotive: Noah, world's first circular car
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    We are looking for: For next year we are looking for a completely new team ready to innovate the automotive industry with sustainable ideas. During this period you will develop your soft skills by managing the team or use your theoretic knowledge from the lecture halls and use it in a practical project.

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    TU/ecomotive: Noah, world's first circular car

    The challenge

    With a growing world population, increasing life expectancies and wealth are demand as a society for quality products keep rising. To make these products we use too much resources, the earth simply cannot keep up. We live in a linear economy which means that we produce, use and throw away our products, these puts more and more pressure on the earth. Earth overshoot day is an accurate representation of how much resources we use. EOD publishes a date each year on which we as a population use as much resources as the earth can generate in one year. Last year this day was in August, this means that in approx. half a year we use all the resources the earth can produce in one year. The effects this has are already visible today as temperatures keep rising.

    The solution

    To limit our resource use we have to go from a linear economy to a circular economy. In this concept the focus lays on a sustainable production, use and eventually recylability of products. Mobility is a common denominator for everyone on this globe as it allows us to come together and share ideas. To show that circular economy is also applicable on complex products (such as cars) we will introduce the world to Noah: world's first circular car. Noah's chassis, body panels and interior will be made from a biocomposite from flax and bioplastic (sugarbeets) wich consits for over 90 percent out of renewable resources. The fully electric car will have a very efficient drivetrain (97% - 100%) and will be fully recyclable after its lifespan.


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