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    The challenge

    Imagine yourself diving into water without breathing for a minute and half, what will happen? Apparently you will in extremely need of air, or you probably don't need anymore because dying of drown. However, this is what most beginners are experiencing during their practice and dance because they are used to holding their breath while dancing. And we all know that is not good for our body. For dancers, it can even ruin their performance. As one of those dancers who used to have that painful experience, I decide to do something to help those beginners overcome the problem more efficiently and find their way of breath training in dancing. In China, there are thousands of millions of people who wants to learn Hip-Hop while 80% of them are kids. The parents as well as the studios will definitely not want to see the kids and other students get extremely tired and feel unhappy about the dance training. Therefore, there is a great opportunity to enter this market, helping these people and simultaneously earn great profit. And Plow is a solution for Hip-Hop dancers to learn and practice their breathing technique.

    The solution

    Plow, consisting of a breath sensor and a software, is capable of detecting and transferring a dancer's data of breathing to the software, visualizing that data in the software and provide professional advice based on the timing and volume of breathing. Through bluetooth technology, users can choose any screen and anywhere to practice. For beginners, they can choose to buy tutorials and get a more realistic experience of how masters breathe in dancing with our product. Also, to evaluate their performance in a more interesting way, they can choose to battle online with other dancers with our product. In this way, they can not only learn new techniques, but also use these techniques in real challenges. Plow aims to be the professional GuitarHero for Hip-Hop dancers.


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